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Tharparkar Current Issue

According to Tharparkar’s district health officer, 33 newborns have died in the first week of this year largely due to causes that should not ordinarily result in death, were it not for lack of awareness and/or prompt and adequate medical care. During the last week, over 200 children were brought to the Rural Health Centre of Islamkot and District Headquarters Hospital Mithi, out of these 33 children were expired due to malnutrition, poor health condition and inadequate services. It is feared that more children are at severe risk due to the current health outbreak. During the last one year, 1042 children were brought in to the DHQ Mithi alone because of the malnourishment. As per the newspaper reports, 35 BHUs of District Mithi are closed due to the unavailability of staff and medicines and this is causing the augmentation in the current health issue. Following are the links of some of leading newspapers, covering the current issue during last couple of days. Read More