Human Appeal team and our influencers visit

Human Appeal team and our influencers visited some of the sponsored Orphan families across Taxila, Murree & Kashmir in the last week to experience the real impact we had in the ground. Our sponsorship programme facilitates more than 3000 orphan children across different provinces to ensure that they have access to the universal basic right to education. The programme also takes care of their fundamental living needs and health and what we experienced in the field was more than just amazing! Our families have not only ensured that their children are attending schools regularly, but have also invested this support in a way that it could lead them towards self-sufficiency and independence. A way that empowers them to dream for a brighter future literally! Many of the families we visited in this tour are running their own tuck-shops, raising cattle and providing stitched/designed clothes to the local markets. Our sponsored students now Alhamdulillah are aspiring future doctors, lawyers and engineers! Our influencer and the team came across number of emotional moments, heartily grieved to listen the pains and sufferings these families have been through in the past but powerfully strengthened by the difference and the hope we instilled in these many lives! This all, have been made possible with your generous support. We thank you all from every one of us at Human Appeal and on behalf of thousands of sponsored families in Pakistan!