Furnishing ICT LABs in Public sector High schools

Education is a key driver of economic development, as an educated labor force translates into a productive labor force as well as one that has access to opportunities for upward social mobility. Quality education is also a social right, and helps reduce social inequality for future generations.

The project aims to set up computers labs in schools, identified with collaboration of Education department, that are functional with computer education. However, don’t have proper ICT laboratories and required skills and mainly dependent on books to cover the subject. Human Appeal in consultation with Education department identified and agreed on 5 schools through proper agreement for establishment of the labs and, an agreement on its repair and maintenance by schools in future.

5 computer labs are established in 5 public sector girls and boys schools of Bagh District AJK.c. School Management Committee revamped and capacitate/sensitized them on their roles and responsibilities.

25 Teachers and 100 students were capacitated. (Training sessions conducted at five different venue-in their respective schools)

Women Men Girls Boys Total
25 50 50 50 175
Indirect beneficiaries (benefiting at the outcome level of the project, i.e. those within the catchment area)
Women Men Girls Boys Total
15 15 250 250 530
Final beneficiaries (benefiting at the impact level of the project, i.e. wider impact on the societal/sectoral level)

Campaign launched to Increase enrollment in the schools

Awareness raising Walk along with school children, school management, community members, media persons and education department officials organized at District head quarter of Bagh AJK.

Promoting Education through non-formal Schooling

The HAI-Pak strongly believes that non-formal education can go a long way in ameliorating the socio-economic status of have-nots in Pakistan. It is, therefore, targeting this sector as well and, in collaboration with a local non-governmental organization, supporting as many as 70 non-formal schools in Faisalabad. Over 2400 students are benefitting from this initiative.

Educational Revitalizing & Support Project

The HAI-Pak believes that public sector schools urgently need to be uplifted, both qualitatively and quantitatively, to bring about a real and lasting change in Pakistan. Currently, it is supporting a government high school in Mirpur, AJK, to develop infrastructure such as boundary wall, play ground and safe drinking water system. It is also supporting it to train its staff to impart education to the students in a more effective and organized manner.

Each year, HAI provides school kits and uniform to hundreds of deserving students in the country. This is in addition to meeting the educational and financial needs of over 12,000 orphans.

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Year Project Title Purpose and Location Cost(PKR)
2005 Child Friendly Spaces Set up Camp Schools for 300 school children in district Muzaffarabad, Bagh –AJK and Mansehra-KPK.. 300,000
2007 Education Revitalizing & Support Project Project completed to enhance the education infrastructure in the targeted areas of AJK. 31,076
2008 Education Revitalization and Support Programme To improve the education infrastructure in Rawalpindi-Punjab, HAI-Pak carried out the Education Revitalization and Support Programme. 318,163
2014 Construction of science labs at Abbasi Anglo Arabic High School Construction of science labs at Abbasi Anglo Arabic High School. After completion of construction the labs were equipped with necessary items.
2015 School WASH Project, in Public sector Primary schools HAI-PAK constructed a set of toilets, water coolers, water filters and build awareness among students on personal hygiene in 20 public sector primary schools of tehsil Samundari –Faisalabad. 4,500,000
2015 State-of-the-art ICT Labs Provision of ICT Labs in Public sector High School in AJK. 1,000,000
2015 EHSAS for Quality Education Supporting Quality Education in 772 Public Sectors Schools across 10 districts of AJ&K through students' personality development & teachers' professional development benefitting 100,000 students and 12000 teachers. 71,297,113

Childcare through educational support project

Educational and financial support to orphans has been among the top priorities of HAI ever since 2002. Currently, it meets the educational needs of more than 1200 destitute orphans under its CESP. These orphans are studying in different schools at 11 far-flung districts of AJK, Northern Areas, Rawalpindi and Abbottabad. Every year, all these orphans are supported with school fee, books, uniform, bags, shoes and other allied educational needs through an implementing partner. The students are especially inculcated with a spirit to serve the humanity once they complete their education and join practical life.

Promoting quality practical education and skills to the students of rural community of Murree, Punjab, Pakistan

Human Appeal International Pakistan has successfully completed its project titled Promoting quality practical education and skills to the students of rural community of Murree, Punjab, Pakistan funded by OPITO Oil and Gas Company, UK. The project provided quality learning and sustainable solutions to the students of classes 6 to 10 through construction of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer laboratories and provision of equipment at Abbasi Anglo Arabic High School, Tehsil Murree, District Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The male and female students of the school were deprived of gaining practical knowledge on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology and relying mainly upon book knowledge and theories as there were no laboratories in the school. As a result, the school management had to borrow facilities from other schools with laboratories for examinations. With the construction of laboratories and availability of equipment, there are 595 students of the school benefiting from these laboratories. The project has enhanced the image of the school, resulting in increased girls' enrolment and reduced children dropout from the school.