Water, Environment & Sanitation Programme

Over a period of time, Water and Sanitation (WASH) has become the signature project of the HAI, striving hard to ensure the provision of safe drinking water to rural as well as urban areas of Pakistan. Supported by various assessment reports, the HAI recognizes that a vast majority of Pakistan has no access to safe drinking water. Even the urban centers of the country are no exception to this reality. Similarly, there are cities like Faisalabad where water contamination level has reached above 80 %.

So far, the HAI has completed over 900 projects across the country to provide safe drinking water to the people at their door step. According to conservative estimates, the total number of the beneficiaries of the program has reached to well over 80,000 people.

Programme Objectives

  • Improve access, utilization of safe drinking water and promote sanitation & hygiene practices of 200,000 individuals by the end of June 2020
  • Promote environment conservation initiatives and provide alternate energy solutions for 18,000 households by the end of June 2020.

  • 3250 Families
    10 Million PKR

    2000 Families
    0.81 Million PKR

    17250 Families
    23.24 Million PKR

    11000 Families
    32 Million PKR

    3000 Families
    7 Million PKR

    Tabular Discription

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    Year Project Title Purpose and Location Cost(PKR)
    Construction of Deep Water Wells To provide easy access to water for drinking and other domestic usages, 5 deep water wells were constructed for 400 families of Muzaffarabad-AJK and Mansehra-KPK. 2,225,000
    Construction of Deep Water Wells A total of 8 deep water wells were built to provide easily accessible water source to the local populations of AJK, Mansehra-AJK and Ziarat-Baluchistan. 836,360
    Water Well Project To provide easy access to water, HAI-Pak carried out the Water well project to build 14 deep water wells in Kharan-Baluchistan. 1,218,000
    Water Supply Scheme HAI-Pak installed water supply scheme to improve water provision in the targeted areas. 209,322
    Water Well Project To ensure the water provision in the water scarce area of Baluchistan, HAI-Pak carried out the water well project in the selected area of Baluchistan. 750,000
    Water Well Project To ensure easy access to water source, HAI-PAK constructed 11 water wells in the targeted areas of district Bhimber, Bagh-AJK and Mansehra-KPK. 807,400
    Hand Pump Project Provided easy access to safe and clean water by installing hand pumps in the targeted areas of AJ&K. 1,408,688
    Water Supply Scheme Provided water facility to the local communities of district Bagh, Bhimber in AJK. 231,800
    Provision of water Purifying Kits Water purifying kits were provided to the vulnerable families of Mardan-KPK in order to enable them to purify water before drinking. 46,200
    Sanitation Scheme In order to promote good health and prevent diseases, sanitation facilities were built for the local communities in the targeted areas of AJK. 106,700
    Installation of hand pumps Installed 69 hand pumps to ensure easy access to water in district Bagh, Bhimber-AJK. 372,800
    Provision of Water and Sanitation facilities To improve the water supply and ensure good health, HAI-Pak provided water and sanitation facilities for the local vulnerable communities of Mardan and Rahim Yar Khan. 2,485,227
    WASH facilities for the vulnerable community Water sanitation and hygiene facilities were provided with the help of UN-OCHA in district Rahim Yar Khan. 30,000,000
    Hand Pumps During the year 2013-14 Human Appeal International Pak has installed 187 hand pumps at various water scare areas of Pakistan. 4,338,400
    Water Wells During the year 2013-14 Human Appeal International Pak has installed 47 water wells at various water scare areas of Pakistan. 4,429,750
    Installation of Solar water pumps 7 solar water pumps were installed in drought affected areas of Tharparkar. 7,750,000
    WASH During the year 2014-15 Human Appeal International Pak has installed 423 hand pumps/water wells at various water scare areas of Pakistan. 2,225,000

    Over 3,000 people provided access to clean drinking water

    Lack of access to clean drinking water is among the most common issues people are confronted with in Pakistan at the moment. Worse, where available, it is most often than not contaminated, playing havoc with the health of its users.

    Cognizant of the situation, Human Appeal during the quarter under review ensured access of over 3,000 people to clean drinking water at Thatta (Sind), Rahim Yar Khan (Sind) and Bhimber (Azad Kashmir), through the installation of hands pumps and construction of water wells.

    In light of different feasibility studies, the facilities were installed at central places to ensure that maximum number of people could benefit from them round the clock. To facilitate the people engaged in kitchen gardening, it was ensured that the water facilities are installed nearest to their houses and huts.

    "Several people in my community at Tharparkar are running kitchen gardening projects by using the water made able to them by Human Appeal. I also desperately wanted to do the same but availability of water was a great issue, which is now duly addressed. I look forward to growing vegetables in the backyard of my house", said Jaish Kumar, while disclosing his future plans.

    Human Appeal gives utmost importance to the provision of clean water to deserving people and believes that the issue needs to be taken up on war footing. Limited, or for that matter, no access forces people to live on contaminated water, which is causing health issues, especially in the industrialized and coastal areas of Pakistan.

    Reaching to the people of Tharparkar

    Tharparkar is known for recurrent droughts and calamities, with little, if any, state level intervention to address such issues on long term basis. The area is battling with even a more devastating drought spell at the moment, resulting into men and material loss at an alarming level.

    After a careful ground assessment, the HAI has decided to initiate a number of long term projects at Tharparkar to ameliorate the socio-economic status of the people of the area. To begin with, it has started a especially designed project to overcome water scarcity in the area.

    Installation of solar pumps

    Availability of safe drinking water is undoubtedly the biggest issue the people of Tharparkar are confronting with at the moment. On self-help basis, they normally dig wells, as deep as 300-500 feet, to obtain water which is highly contaminated. However, they have no choice but to use it for drinking purpose as well.

    An equally displeasing fact is that human push carts are used to obtain water from these wells which is both infra dignity and time consuming. The HAI has introduced a totally new concept of installation of solar pumps in the area which are self-evidently run on solar energy. In the first phase, 15 villages at Islam Kot Tehsil are being provided with these pumps at a whooping cost of 53,000 pounds.

    In the second phase, many more vulnerable villages would be provided with this facility and it would be ensured that local people are imparted due skill to install and repair these pumps to create income generation opportunities for them. Moreover, the HAI Tharparkar office would also closely interact and coordinate with public and private sector organizations alike to adopt the concept to bring more comfort and sophistication to the people of Tharparkar.


    The story of Suthan Shah

    "The drought may be killing but your gesture is equally healing and encouraging"

    Suthan Shah has certainly lived his life. Spells of nostalgia, coupled with schizophrenic behavior, though upset the people around him, but perhaps there is no escape to it. His children- three girls and four boys- are always in a competition with each other to provide him with ease and comfort. The present drought has however changed everything upside down. Getting two times meal has become a great challenge for them, let alone taking good care of the diet requirements of their father.

    "I am well over 80 years old and hardened enough to live a purely Tharparkarian life- full of hardships with frequent recurrence of droughts and so forth", he reminisces while looking back at his life. "However", he adds, "the present drought has snatched may be even the last ounce of energy and will from me and I am resigned to fate now".

    Suthan is visibly upset with the current state of affairs and is specially vary of the government response to the people of Tharparkar, battling with a devastating drought at the moment. He wonders as how will they manage to keep fast this year when the mercury level has gone alarmingly high while the food stocks of the people have already dried up.

    However, cynicism overpowering him is replaced by optimism when he looks at a relief distribution camp of the Human Appeal International, Pakistan (HAI). He has been brought here by a dedicated team of HAI to make him believe that all has not gone to dogs. Alongside his, 500 other families have been provided with especially prepared food kits to help them observe the fasting month without any hassle. The kit contained food items like atta (20 kg), rice (8kg), cooking oil (3 kg), pulses (5 kg), dates, salts, matchboxes and so forth.

    "This is something like munno salwa under prevailing circumstances. Though at this age I can't keep fast but this kit is sufficient for an average family to make with during the Ramadan", holds Suthan Shah before adding, "may the blessings of Allah dawn upon the HAI and its sponsors who have not forgotten us under these testing times. A true reflection of brotherhood... I wish those sitting at the helms of affairs in Pakistan could also reach to the people of Tharparkar with such equally strong feelings".

    His eyes wet when he says that "this drought may be killing, no doubt as we have lost a lot thanks to it. But let me tell you that your gesture is equally healing and encouraging. This is the true reflection of Islamic brotherhood".

    Solar Pumps project

    With the kind support of the Human Appeal International, the HAI-Pak has launched a special plan to combat water scarcity issue in drought-affected Tharparkar district of Sind by installing solar pumps on a wider scale.

    Under the project, especially designed solar pumps would be installed across the district to obtain water from deep wells, 350-500 meters in most cases, before channeling it through filtration plants to meet health standards and requirements.

    In the first phase of the project, 15 select- villages of Islamkot Tehsil would receive state of the art pumps and it would be ensured that the labor force required for undertaking this exercise is drawn locally to kick start a healthy economic activity. Once the first phase of the project is complete by mid October, the local population would have uninterrupted access to safe drinking water.

    While launching the project, the country director of the HAI, Pakistan, Nisar Ahmad said that "water scarcity might be a very serious issue in Tharparkar but the way human-carts are used to obtain water from the so called wells is equally displeasing. This is an insult to human dignity and ego". He believed that the solar pumps would ease the work load on local people to fetch water and trigger a healthy competition among public and private sectors alike to utilize this technology to fight the scarcity issue more effectively.