Kitchen gardening at Tharparkar

A step towards food security and self-sustainability

Engaged in diverse activities to alleviate the sufferings of drought ravaged people of Tharparkar, Human Appeal International has initiated yet another project to bring about a lasting change in the lives of local people. The project “Food Security and Nutrition” aims at building the capacity of local farmers through on-field training and in-kind support to grow vegetables at pieces of plots adjacent to their houses, respectively. To begin with, 25 local farmers have been provided with a four months long training to take up the role of master trainers and play a pioneer role in popularizing the concept of kitchen gardening in the area. As planned, these master trainers are currently engaged in extending a comprehensive training to as many as 175 farmers for the development of 200 kitchen gardens in the area. Located in close proximity to the solar-powered water pumps installed by Human Appeal over a period of time, the project sites have enough water available for irrigation purpose. Read More