727 families receive winterization kits at Jahang

District Jahng of Punjab was virtually lashed by gushing floods 2014. According to various estimates, around twenty one thousand houses were damaged either partially or fully in the area. Standing crops worth million of rupees were also destroyed totally while rendering thousands of families rudderless in a jiffy. The HAI-Pak was among the few organizations which took no time to start a relief and rehabilitation operation in the area. Besides distributing food kits and emergency medicines, it also provided fine quality tents to the affected people to brave the situation. With the kind support of the UK head office, the HAI-Pak distributed winterization kits among as many as 727 families who were uprooted by the ferocious floods. The kits included quilts, mattresses, blankets, bed-sheets, pillows and so forth. The HAI-Pak is also finalizing a plan to construct a special village for those who lost their houses in the floods and are no more in a position to reconstruct them.