Malnourishment at Tharparkar: New project launched for women

Malnourishment at Tharparkar is unquestionably gender blind. Hardly anyone can claim to be an exception, thanks to recurrent droughts and ever depleting sources of income generation. Women, however, have to suffer more than anyone else, in view of the multiple roles they have to cope with simultaneously.

The Human Appeal International, Pakistan (HAI-Pak) has launched a special project to address the issue of malnourishment in lactating and pregnant women in the area. Initially, 500 such women belonging to 15 villages of Islamkot Tehsil would be provided with nutrition packets, comprising food supplements, 20 kg bag of flour, cooking oil, drinks and many other necessary items.

To make the best use of the opportunity, the HAI-Pak has already kicked off training and awareness sessions with the local people after creating "Community Organizations" at village level. Through these sessions, participants are sensitized about dietary requirements of pregnant and lactating women and also as how to take best care of infants under prevailing circumstances.

After the completion of the sensitization phase, 500 select women would receive the nutrition packs while the field staff of the HAI-Pak would remain closely associated with them to ensure that they are properly fed and treated by their concerned family members.

It is believed that the project would send across a powerful message that pregnant and lactating women deserve special care and food and any negligence on that account finally hurt the family also, which they belong to. The HAI-Pak is running a clean drinking water project at Tharparkar which have already brought about many behavioral changes in the recipient communities.