Seasonal Programs

Qurbani Project 2016

Over 9,000 families benefit from Qurbani project

Human Appeal International achieves the feat of distributing around four metric tons of sacrificial meat to nine thousands underprivileged families, living in the remote and most neglected areas of Pakistan.

Elaborate arrangements were made for the distribution of the meat at different places, including Tharparkar, Gadap, Rahim Yar Khan, Gilgit Baltistan, Mansehra, Bagh and Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. The list of the beneficiaries of the project was finalized in light of a careful survey, conducted by the field staff of the organization.

The beneficiaries of the project included widows, disabled people, Kashmiri refugees and women headed families. At certain places in Islamkot, Tharparkar, meat parcels were dropped at the drop steps of the selected widows as local culture and traditions didnt allow them to receive them personally at the distribution points, respectively.

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Tabular Description of the Activity

S.# Place Beneficiaries (families)
1 Tharparkar 1000
2 Karachi 1000
3 RYK 1975
4 Mansehra 1295
5 Rawalpindi 415
6 Malakand 690
7 Dir 300
8 GB 660
9 Neelum 1320
10 Bagh 750
Total 9405

Qurbani Project 2015

HAI-Pak distributes 200tons sacrificial animals' meat to benefit 6,000 people

On the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, Human Appeal International, Pakistan (HAI-Pak) reached to over 6,000 people at their door steps and provided them an opportunity to celebrate the occasion befittingly.

Over 200ton of sacrificial animals' meat was distributed among the needy people at Khyber Pakhtunnkhawa (Mansehra, Kurrum Agency), Azad Kashmir (Dhirkot), Sind (Gharo) and Punjab (Rahim Yar Khan). Prior to the activity, a special survey was conducted to identify the most deserving people in these areas, before issuing special cards to them to ensure transparency and smooth handling of the activity.

On the special request of FDMA (FATA Disaster Management Authority), the holy act of sacrificing animals was also carried out at Sadda IDP camp at Khurrum Agency to benefit 650 families living there in view of ongoing military operation in the area. Surprisingly, no other organization could manage to reach these displaced people, despite earnest persuasion by concerned local authorities.

It was also noted during the distribution of meat that malnourishment, caused by extreme poverty and deprivation, has become a common place in remote areas of the country, giving way to serious health issues in vulnerable communities in particular, such as women and children. The purchasing power of people has generally stooped so low that meat is seldom a part of their menu.

To obtain maximum objectives of the exercise, first preference was given to pregnant and lactating women, orphans, disabled people and elderly ones while distributing the meat. It should not be over looked that under seasonal programs, the HAI-Pak tries to extend a helping hand to the ones in distress and provides them support in cash and kind to build an independent and self-reliant life.

Hundreds of people have benefitted from such programs and are today living an independent and dignified life in various parts of the country. The HAI-Pak owes it to its various donors and supporters, including, but not limited to, HAI-UK and HAI-Aus.

Qurbani Project 2014

Due to wide spread poverty, a large number of people can neither fulfill their basic necessities of life nor nourish their children properly. Under Qurbani Project, each year the HAI tries to reach needy people at their door step. It has provided Qurbani meat to approximately 59,000 families during last 22 years.

Besides providing meat to needy people, it also generates a healthy economic activity in society and a large number of people sell their livestock, especially reared for this occasion.

Qurbani Project 2014
50 metric tons meat distributed among poorest of the poor

Believing strongly in caring and sharing, the HAI-Pak this year again made the festive occasion of Eid-ul-Azha a handy opportunity to spread smile on the face of as many have-nots as possible.

Under Social Protection Program, it distributed around 50 metric tons of sacrificial animals meat in more than 11,000 families in various parts of the country, including Thatta (Sind), Jhang (Punjab), Peshawar, Dir (KPK), Rawalpindi, Muzaffarabad and Bagh (AJK).

The names of beneficiaries were finalized in light of a carefully conducted survey and it was noted that a telling majority of them was tasting meat after full one year and did not expect to get a hand on this luxury again until the next eid.

Delighted she is to receive the "Eid Gift"

Pangs of migration never go easily. They keep you haunting in different shapes until you completely internalize them. Saja Begum, 65, is yet to reach this thresh hold and leading a truly miserable life at the moment at a refugee camp in Azad jammu and Kashmir (AJK), with economic worries turning things from bad to worse.

Getting hands even on sacrificial animals' meat may not be less than a pleasant surprise for her under such circumstances.

Way back in 1995, she migrated from Uri, occupied Kashmir, to AJK to escape from Indian atrocities and injustice. She had already lost her son at the hands of them and wanted to start a new life as early as possible.


"With four daughters and one injured son, I crossed over the Line of Control (LoC) and reached here in AJK. The concerned authorities soon shifted us to this refugee camp at Mangbujri, Bagh, and since then we've been living here in abject conditions", says Saja with a visible anguish on her face.

"I can count on finger tips as how many times we tasted meat during this whole year. With my son unable to earn anything due to the bullets he received at the hands of Indian forces, we have to live on the monthly stipend the government provides to us. It helps you just keep the body and soul together and you can't think beyond that at all", she laments.

Like last time, this year again the HAI-Pak provided Qurbani meat to her and many other people living at the refugee camp. "We're truly delighted to receive this "eid gift" as we hardly get a chance to enjoy this luxury in our lives. May Allah bless all those who don't forget people like us on such very special occasions", exclaims Suja while receiving a 5 kg bag of the meat.

The HAI-Pak takes pride in the fact that each year it makes it a point to reach to the refugees living in various parts of AJK to reassure them that they are an integral part of our society and should not feel abandoned at all.

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